"Whether trade is free or not is determined by import and export regulations, but whether trade is fair is determined to some extent by conscience."


If you're interested in the recent growth of short term staffing jobs to satisfy the gaping hole in our employment rates and the lack of regulation for this source of work, please read, THE CHALLENGE OF TEMPORARY WORK IN TWENTY-­‐FIRST CENTURY LABOR MARKETS FLEXIBILITY WITH FAIRNESS FOR THE LOW-­‐WAGE TEMPORARY WORKFORCE

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"I want to thank you for an enjoyable taping session. You are an excellent interviewer and create a relaxed atmosphere. It was also a pleasant experience on another level in that I had 20 minutes to discuss peak oil and other related issues." ~Jeff Everson, PhD


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Fricken Fracking!

October 3, 2012 The Long View broadcasts program by Earthjustice. The content producer, Jessica Knoblauch, speaks with Deborah Goldberg, the managing attorney at Earthjustice's Northeast office.

For almost four years, Goldberg has been working on cases involving fracking, a controversial form of extreme gas drilling that can contaminate the air and water. Obtaining nonrenewable fuel at what cost? Tacks like fracking are stunningly illogical, but support some corporately irresponsible entities who have questionable concern for our health it seems.

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Feb 2, 2011
Focus: Isa Cann

Clean Renewable Energy It's been an exciting area of job growth for a while now. The current federal administration, President Barrack Obama, seems to support economic growth in the area of renewable energy. Wind power is just one of many. On behalf of sustainable develpment, we look for clean renewable energy by the way. That definition eliminates nuclear power or so-called clean coal, as those produce dangerous waste and environmental destruction. On the clean renewable energy list is wind, solar, geothermal, and harnessing the power from existing dams, to name the most important ones.

It serves to mention that the process of preparation and erection of clean renewable energy sources has also been environmentally destructive at times. Huge stands of tree, miles of tracts of land have been clear-cut for wind turbines in particular. Companies have to find ways to implement the technology in sustainable ways. There are problems yet to tackle to implement our best energy alternatives to oil.

We featured Alex Wise of seachange radio interviewing that is worth a listen: "two wind power executives about the burgeoning potential of wind. First, he talks to Michael Payne, a 15-year veteran of the industry who’s helped develop some of the world’s largest wind energy projects in the U.S., Europe and Asia. He tells us about the technical, environmental and regulatory hurdles that the industry faces. Next, he speaks with Corwin Hardham, the CEO of Makani Power. This company, whose name means wind in Hawaiian, is developing a cutting-edge way to capture the power of the wind using airborne wind turbines that fly like kites and generate more power than conventional earthbound turbines." Download the original interviews>


Topics include:

Isa Cann and Bryan Sheehan are co-hosts of The Long View radio segments, which orignally broadcast from WUML 91.5 FM Lowell MA.






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